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There Are No Puppies In Hell

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Living a physical existence can undoubtedly be a challenge at times, and if your mantra is “the glass is half empty,” earth can easily feel like hell. Nothing ever goes right. There’s war, famine, pandemics, cruelty, fires. The climate is creating environmental chaos. Since the beginning of time, evil has been unfolding on the earth. Love is not here. Wherever we were before earth must have been exponentially better than here, but sadly, unscrupulous ways landed us in this hellhole called earth. Others don’t see earth as being quite that bad, just half as bad. They refer to our time on earth as purgatory.

But what about all the good things happening on this planet? They may be harder to find because they’re not being broadcast by the media as loudly as the bad things are. But they are here!

There are medical breakthroughs for those who are suffering, child prodigies are doing mind-boggling things, music and art are being created, couples are falling in love, ideas are being shared, and humanity is starting to turn the page and awaken to the bigger picture. We must keep our eye on the prize, so to speak. And that prize is love and beauty.

Love and beauty! It’s everywhere!

It’s in the wind before a rainstorm, it’s the feeling of warm sun rays on a cool day, and it’s in each unique snow crystal.

It’s the joy of watching a kid learn to ride a bike or a puppy’s first encounter with a butterfly.

It’s the taste of your favorite food, the feeling of accomplishment, and the peace of just simply sleeping in.

It’s that new car smell, the feeling of sand between your toes, and crashing out on the couch with dinner to watch your favorite TV show.

It’s finding a twenty dollar bill on an empty beach, stopping so a goose family can safely cross the road, and coming around a turn to find an unexpected, amazing sunset.

It’s meeting a new friend and reconnecting with an old one.

It’s watching a child open presents and the good feeling you get when you help someone in need.

It’s that weirdly amazing smell of a newborn’s head and saying hello again after being away for too long.

It’s finally realizing we are all connected, knowing we can create anything we want, and wanting to create more beauty. Love Energy is still happening all around us constantly, in spite of the doom and gloom that’s been going on for so long. It’s easy to focus on the surplus of negative information being pumped out at us. But I will wager that if you've found your way to these words, you’re not accustomed to doing what is easy and mainstream. You’re hanging out with cutting-edge thought processes that propel you further, bigger, higher! You’re not in it for the superficial, cathartic lamestream. And for someone like you, it’s easy to focus on joy, peace, and love. In no way does this mean you should bury your head in the sand when adversity creeps in. We have to face the bear when the bear appears!

But if right here, right now, in this moment, in this space you are currently existing everything is okay, then let joy, peace, and love shine.

That was flowery, but it had to be said!

This passage was taken from the book "You're Not Your Car"...A Guide To Finding Peace, Balance, And Understanding Who You Are Beyond Your Physical Body by Jennifer Merritts. If you are interested in more uplifting, enjoyable reading click here to learn more about this book.

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24 avr. 2023

I woke up, read this and have a huge smile on my face. Thanks for pointing out the beauty right in front of us.


24 avr. 2023

Jen that was perfect! Helped me immensly!!!

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