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Hello and welcome to my blog, Mindful Body With Soul! Some of you know me by the old name, Mind Body and Soul, but most of you know me as Jennifer Merritts. So what's with the new handle? After 20 years of service, I decided to introduce a fresh perspective to an old concept. But what exactly is a Mindful Body. And how does the Soul interact with it? Well, stick around and we'll journey through topics that reveal you're not exactly who you thought you were!

What you think, who you hang out with, what you eat, where you go, and the things you do all effect the energy being that you are. Yes! You are an energy being living temporarily inside this human body. Your soul uses your body to live out an amazing adventure. A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY!

There's so much to know! Are you ready to dive in? Are you curious? Of course you are! Because you are a MINDFUL BODY WITH SOUL!

I remember when I first started on my Spiritual Journey. Actually, our spiritual journey begins the day we are born but very few of us are aware of anything much more then eating, sleeping and pooping at that point. When I did become mindful of me, it was clear I was going somewhere quite different than the crowd. I was ready to learn but had no idea how to start. As a kid, I knew I was different from all my friends and I had a constant feeling of not fitting in. I faked it for awhile and squeezed my square self into a round hole. For those of you who have suffered through that sham, you know how quickly it can become exhausting! I knew I perceived the world (seen and unseen) different from everyone around me, but I had no direction. No place to get answers. And, frankly, I didn't even know what questions to ask. Luckily the universe pointed me in a direction. The right books fell into my lap (figuratively and literally!). I met people who mentored me and, slowly but surely, clarity started to take hold. I began to understand my world, I began to have an understanding of the Universe. I started to see myself as fitting in, and everyone else fitting out.

Today, I'm confident and I know the path I want to be on. I know that everything in the Universe can be boiled down to one of two things. Fear or love. Every thought, thing, action, desire, or vibration can ultimately be deconstructed to its roots and identified as either fear or love. The trick is to only acknowledge love because anything based in fear can and will breed more fear. Just as anything based in love will create more love. Some emotions connected to fear are things like anger, anxiety, jealousy, envy, hate, depression, arrogance, defiance, criticism, loneliness, greed, and the list goes on. Google the synonyms for fear to see pages and pages of more. So, if these are fear based emotions, I'm sure you can guess what love based emotions are (joy, peace, acceptance, hope, humility, confidence, etc.)

Fear based emotions can then create fear based thoughts, which will manifest into fear based desires or actions, and and so on.

In order to understand why or how something is based in fear, just keep asking questions that take you backwards. Here's a "working backwards" exercise I did with a client.

Why do you earn your money in a dishonest, immoral way?

I need a lot of money.

Why do you need a lot of money?

To keep my girlfriend happy.

What would happen if you didn't keep her happy?

She might leave me.

Why don't you want her to leave you?

I love her and I don't want to be alone.

Why don't you want to be alone?

Because it's a sign of failure

What's wrong with failure?

My father told me when I was a child that failing was not acceptable.

If you failed, what would your father think or do to you?

I'm afraid he wouldn't love me or respect me.

=FEAR He has an immoral, dishonest job which breeds more negative energy into the world because of a fear that was instilled into him.

Obviously, his original fear started at a very early age and there's some real letting go that has to happen. But for every conflict that arises in your life, there is almost always a fear that started it. First identify your fear. Second, decide what is the ultimate, worst thing that could ever happen to you. Once you think about it, you'll probably realize it's not that terrible once you've had a chance to break it down into it's most simple form.

This may sound confusing at first, but as we dive into some amazing topics, it will all become clear.

In the meantime, do this fear/love based exercise. Every major decision or action you take, try to ask yourself if you feel joyful or angry. At peace or anxious. Be honest with yourself. Do you have anger or hate because of a fear? Do you have depression because of a fear? Do you have jealousy because of a fear? Once you have uncovered the fear, then ask yourself what is the absolute worst thing that can happen to you? Most often you will realize nothing really bad will happen and if you are brave enough, you can release yourself from that fear. If you become stuck and just can't let go, I'm always here to help. Through health coaching we can figure it out together. Make an appointment. Remember, health coaching isn't just about exercising or eating right. It's about finding a way to feel good while you're inside this body. Your health is as much about your energetic body as it is about your physical body.

So there you have it. My first blog post. I hope, if nothing else, it left you wanting to know more. I hope it made you realize there's so much to know!

Here's some ideas for future posts but who knows! Maybe we'll just go where the love energy takes us ! ~ Happiness and Health, Jennifer

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