Sound is a powerful healer. Through vibrational frequencies, sounds are able to bring balance and peace to the distressed body. Experience the beautiful Healing Art of Tibetan Singing Bowls with Jennifer Merritts.



Tibetan Singing Bowls are an ancient form of healing dating back to before Buddhism was first introduced to Tibet, sometime in the 8th century. While many believe Tibetan Singing Bowls originated in Tibet, it is most probable that they were first hammered out and used for healing purposes in Nepal. The greatest metal artisans were considered to be Nepali, and the materials (seven metals) needed to create these beautiful bowls cannot be found in Tibet and the surrounding areas. Therefore, the most accurate name for these bowls are Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Jennifer Merritts offering Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy at Mindful Body with Soul Healing Center in Leesburg, Virginia.

The resonance of the bowls' vibrations are distorted when recorded.

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Due to lack of written documents, there is little historical data. We do know enlightened Lamas (teachers) and Monks from Tibet used Singing Bowls as a means of gaining absolute concentration during meditation, and captivating spiritual energy. Proven by modern science, everything in the universe vibrates, including our bodies. As life puts wear and tear on the body, the vibrational frequency within us can become unbalanced, eventually leading to complete disharmony in the body. This disharmony causes critical imbalance in our cells and organs. When the Bowls are placed on and around the body, their perfect vibration of sound integrates with our own vibration. After a few moments, the body falls into a harmonious dance with the tranquility, peace, and perfection of the Bowls allowing the receiver to experience complete transcendence of the mind, body, and soul. The sound waves flow through almost all parts of the body including the blood, tissues, cellular memory and water. The waves also impact the nervous system in ways that induces relaxation and inhibits pain and stress. 

According to doctors and therapists working in the field of sound healing, vibrations from sound move into deeper parts of the brain called alpha and theta brain waves which have calm states of mind and intuition. When synchronized with sound, these waves help the body recover from any inner disturbances and disharmony.


You will be welcomed into Mindful Body with Soul Healing Center and after removing your shoes, you will be escorted to the room where the Tibetan Singing Bowls are waiting for you. Fifteen large, medium, and small bowls surround a massage table, and essential oil aroma fills the air. As the session begins, you will be led into relaxation with a short grounding meditation. As the bowls begin to sing, your only job is to relax and allow the vibrational frequency to enter your body.

As part of the protocol, you may have bowls placed on your body (back, chest, legs, feet). They are not heavy and actually feel wonderful. It is best to wear comfortable clothing, no dresses. It is suggested you wear clothing that covers your legs to the ankle, but not required. The parasympathetic system will quickly activate and it’s perfectly fine if you drift off to sleep. Whether sleeping or awake, you will receive the same powerful benefits. If you remain awake you may experience a powerful sense of peace and calm come over your entire being. These moments that you are in the session are moments of tranquility and profound healing that stay with you long after. Sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes.

When notes are played in intervals of fifths, the parasympathetic system
is very quickly activated. It is paramount that the parasympathetic system be in play for cell regrowth and for the body to








A Sound Bath is very similar to a private session except that it is a group session which can be as few as 2 people and as many as 100. Optimum is 25 or less. Participants lie on the floor on a yoga mat (or equivalent) with heads facing the practitioner and the bowls. Laying in this way allows for best reception of vibrational frequency from the bowls. Sessions can be 60 – 90 minutes.

Jennifer Merritts offering a Sound Bath


Those that can attest to the relief and balance they feel after receiving a treatment rely on this therapy for greater health and wellness. Reports from clients are intriguing:

  • Lowered blood pressure that medication could not help

  • Relieved constipation

  • Relieved migraines

  • Calmed those suffering with Alzheimer’s

  • Relieved insomnia

  • Opened clogged ears

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Relieved irregular heart palpations

  • Reduced pain

  • Balanced chakras

  • Calmed nervous system

  • Feelings of integration

Jennifer Merritts continues to study with her Shastri (Nepali Buddhist Teacher), Suren Shrestha, at Atma Buti® Sound and Vibrational School.

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