"I recently began receiving health coaching from Jennifer.  Within 45 minutes of our first consultation, she pinpointed my (40-odd-years-trying-to figure-out) problem and is guiding me to sustainable solutions.  Her conversational approach is very warm, sincere, and enlightening - not to mention educational! And I feel like we are learning and discovering together.  I am very encouraged. Because I was feeling so awful, I followed up with a doctor - who, after testing, confirmed Jen’s observations. I believe I am finally going to be able to eat without getting sick!"

- Becky L.

"Jen is a very knowledgable, attentive, and nonjudgmental health coach.  I was impressed by how she was able to use her expertise to meet my individual needs in a way that made sense to me and fit into my lifestyle. Jen was always encouraging yet never pushy."

- Kara E.

I saw Jennifer a few times to help me learn how to eat well and be healthier and she has helped me so much. She has so much knowledge about carbs, protein, good fats and how to improve microbiomes in the gut, actually she is better than many doctors. She is the best coach I have found to help me. Thank you so much, Jennifer.

- Berenice


“I had my first Tibetan Singing Bowl experience with Jen recently and didn’t have much idea of what to expect beforehand.  I walked away feeling, without a doubt, the most zen, grounded and centered that I’ve ever felt in my entire life!  It was a level of grounded and centeredness that I honestly don’t believe I could ever achieve on my own.  It felt like a complete and total energy reset.  You can feel the different vibrations of the bowls flood throughout your body and it’s an incredibly beautiful, peaceful and deeply calming experience.”

- Sara Riddle

"If you are looking for way to address stress, then try Jen's vibration healing with her Tibetian singing bowls.  The vibrations that radiate through your body have an intense, yet strangely both relaxing and energizing, effect.  There's a reason sound frequency therapy has been used for 2500 years for physical and spiritual healing."

- Bob Ellis, Attorney, retired

During the Tibetan Singing Bowls treatment, I was provided with a new feeling of mental clarity and tranquility.  After that experience, I walked away with reduced stress and an amazing sense of peace.

-Bill N

A friend recommended Jennifer to help me relax because she knew I was struggling with High Blood pressure and was looking for natural alternatives to help reduce my medication dependence.  When I spoke to Jennifer, she said she had something she thought would help, and introduced me to her Tibetan Singing Bowl Sessions.  I can not sing enough of my own praises about the experience!  The sounds, touch, and vibration therapies work together in a synergistic way to melt my stress away.  Jennifer is kind, gentle and compassionate which makes the experience even more relaxing.  


- Lynne V Austin

I’ve always been aware that sound affects humans in general (I really hate the sound of weed whackers) but never really understood how beneficial sound could be. My first session with Jennifer with the Tibetan Singing Bowls (TSB) convinced me of its benefits.   Jennifer doesn’t just hit each bowl with a mallet, she has the unique ability to “feel” the energy of each client and then “plays” each bowl to meet their needs for each client’s best benefit. 

-Linda T


Energy work with the Tibetan singing bowls is new to me, and I’m finding it fascinating. Jennifer has educated me about chakras and has done energy work with me for years. The addition of the Tibetan Singing Bowls is fascinating because it appears they reflect how open the chakras are, which gives me a good sense of what I need to be working on. I love having one more way of getting in touch with my energy and its alignment. The whole process is extremely peaceful and relaxing and I have enjoyed it a great deal.

- Peg


Jennifer is very knowledgeable when it comes to muscles and tendons. I have been suffering with a "bad" back for many years and she helped me reduce the pain. I had been to many professionals, two chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapist, orthopedic, and also my primary care doc who sent me for a CAT Scan. The only time I was able to get relief was from Jennifer who showed me stretches (and we did them together) for the muscles involved in my pain. I am not pain-free, but I have a significant reduction in my back pain. She was the only professional who was able to help me!

- Diane M.


Mayan massage with Jennifer offered so much more than I was expecting. I felt like she was very aware of what my body needed in the right amount of pressure I was open to. She offered a completely safe space for  me to release emotions that I had no idea I was harboring. I left feeling more aware of myself and the emotional work I need to face. In following through with the self care technique she taught me, I have noticed that painful areas in my stomach are less sensitive. 

-Laura T