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Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy® is founded on an ancient Maya technique of a non-invasive, external abdominal massage. It stimulates circulation and blood flow within the abdominal area, supporting the body for optimal function of digestive and reproductive health and wellness. It is a therapy that can be applied
throughout every stage of a woman, man or child's life.

Ancient Mayan techniques used by women for women, and modalities for men and children

Dr. Rosita Arvigo with Mayan Healer, Don Elijio Panti

Dr. Rosita Arvigo with Mayan Healer, Don Elijio Panti


This ancient technique has been used by the Mayan people for centuries and to our great benefit, has been revived and kept alive by Rosita Arvigo. Rosita is a traditional healer, doctor of Naprapathy (the study of muscles, ligaments, connective tissues similar to Osteopathy), herbalist, and ethono-botanist who apprenticed under Mayan Healer Don Elijio Panti (1893-1996) and Miss Hortence Robinson (1928-2009), Mayan Traditional Midwife, since 1970.

Before He died at the age of 103, Don Elijio asked Rosita to take care of his people and promise that the healing ways of the Mayan would survive into the future. Rosita continues his work in a Rainforest in Belize and has trained hundreds of others around the world. Today, Rosita is scaling back on her teaching, and relies on those she has personally trained to continue to spread the knowledge of the Mayan healing ways.

Medicinal Herb

Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy® incorporates a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.


As we all know, the abdominal region houses many of the organs which can become impaired and operate inefficiently or not at all due to the many stressors of life. Things like surgery, injury, poor diet, pregnancy, stress and repetitive activities can alter the flow of lymph, blood, nerve, and chi (energy). The parts of the body most affected by the improper flow of these bodily systems are the digestive system and the reproductive system. Scar tissue from surgery or injury adds further complication as the body and systems become very restricted and rigid.

Scar tissue on the abdomen that can be addressed with Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy.

Scar tissue on the abdomen that can be addressed with Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy.

Only by treating the whole person on a physical, emotional and energetic level can true healing take place.



The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy® is performed externally by gently guiding and supporting organs back into their optimal position, allowing for improved functioning for optimal health and wellness. This therapy is best known for addressing misalignment or congestion in the reproductive organs of both men and women, as well as many common digestive disorders. The techniques effectively alleviate tissue congestion and
organ constriction to improve the vital flows of energy, blood, lymph and nerves in the abdomen. They address and can release emotional and energetic tension from the abdomen. This assists to prevent the progression of chronic disease symptomology while improving the body’s ability to self repair and balance.

The body’s inherent ability to be self regulating, self healing, and self regenerating is known as homeostasis or balance within, first recognized by Hippocrates. As a natural healer, Jennifer Merritts works in the realm of the divine science, removing the obstructions and deterrents to natures healing force. She does not cure disease, she assists in the flow of fluids and energy to nourish and repair the organs and systems naturally.

Ix Chel the maiden

Ix Chel the Maiden

The Mayan Goddess of women, weaving, healing and rainbows.

We do not cure disease, we assist in the flow of fluids and energy to nourish and repair the organs and systems naturally.

Avrigo therapy


FOR EVERYONE (infancy to elderly)

  • Digestive disorders (Crohn’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease digestion, Gastritis, Constipation, Indigestion etc.)

  • Muscular Tension

  • Urinary System (incontinence, frequent urinary infections, etc.)

  • Varicose Veins

  • Post Surgical (scar tissue, recovery, etc.)


  • Menstrual disorders (painful/irregular periods)

  • Pre-conception through postpartum

  • Fertility Enhancement

  • C-section/hysterectomy surgery recovery

  • Menopause

  • Pelvic organ congestion (endometriosis, cysts, fibroids)

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome

  • Chronic bladder/yeast infections

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Treating scar tissue after any surgery or injury

  • Sluggish digestive issues

  • Digestion issues

  • Abdominal muscle tightness

  • Emotional trauma release

  • A wonderful support for all stages of a woman's life.



Ix Chel the Mother

Ix Chel the Mother

The Mayan Goddess of Fertility, Motherhood and the Moon.

Self Care massage at home is a vital aspect of the overall treatment that you will receive from your Arvigo therapist.


  • Review of your past and present healthcare needs focusing on reproductive and digestive health

  • Upper and lower abdominal massage to help:

    • Align reproductive and abdominal organs to optimal position

    • Improve circulation to organs

    • Promote vital flow to support the body’s inherent healing capacity

  • Evaluation of body posture

  • Evaluation of pelvic alignment and application of bodywork to improve
    pelvic alignment when indicated

  • Instruction in Self Care massage which is done at home and helps to enhance your professional session.

  • Recommendations of complimentary modalities to support your health and wellness.

Ix Chel the Crone

Ix Chel the Crone

The Goddess of Rain, Water and Healing.

Complimentary modalities to support your health and wellness may include: ​​

  • The wearing of a Faja – a traditional lower abdomen supportive wrap

  • Bajos – a traditional herbal pelvic steam bath of the Maya
  • The application of Castor oil packs

  • Lifestyle education

Jennifer will work with you to address your specific needs and may suggest a course of treatments. Typically, 2 or 3 professional sessions are
required to address most conditions.
Some conditions will require further
attention over a longer period of time.

Self Care massage at home is a vital aspect of the overall treatment for most optimum health.

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