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Spiritual Awareness Book, "You're Not Your Car"

"You're Not Your Car"





Learn to unlock



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Soul Goals/Purpose:

Before we incarnated, the Soul part of us chose to have experiences that we are now living out! Learn why we chose these experiences (good and bad) and why they are important. 


Our emotional navigation system! Without it, we can not find enlightenment, peace, or balance. Learn why the Chakra System is just as important as all other systems of the body as well as little known, fun facts about Chakras. Balancing your Chakras isn’t as hard as you may think, and you don’t need a practitioner to do it! Learn to do it on your own!

Case Studies:

Read detailed case studies on how constantly reactivating certain emotional memories can lead to physical disease. By learning to let go of emotion and bringing Chakras back to balance, these clients found peace. Understand how you too can bring health and balance back to your body.

Universal Energy Field (UEF):

Chakras interact with the UEF. Do you know how this Field helps us climb the Spiritual Ladder? Do you want to know how to easily see the UEF? Do you want to let go of heavier energy that keeps you in a funk? This book introduces you to concepts you’ll wish you knew your whole life.

Karma and Limiting Beliefs:

Does Karma determine your fate? Can you use Karma to your advantage and the advantage of others? Yes you can! What are your limiting beliefs and how do they hold you back from accomplishing your goals?

Vibrational Frequency:

Learn what this is and very easy techniques to raise your vibration. The higher it gets, the easier it is to connect to Spirit and your Powerful Creative Energy.

Power of  Thought:

This book will take you through the complex nature of energy as thought but it is presented in an easy to understand format. Learn to harness your powerful creative energy and have the life you may have thought was out of reach for you.

What you will learn
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A Better Understanding of Self

The section of the book, called "Think About This", provides thought provoking questions that will help you better understand who you are, who you want to be, and how to meaningfully move up the Spiritual Ladder. Here you can record your thoughts or use a private journal to reflect back on and watch yourself grow spiritually. 


A Spirituality Awareness Book for Everyone!

This book was written with all age groups in mind, anyone from 18 to 108 will benefit. While it’s easy to understand with many descriptive, fun analogies, the content is deep. This is the information we all need to have access to. As our society continues to go through a tremendous spiritual awakening, it is important to be aware of who we are beyond our physical nature. Whether you are retired and finally have time to contemplate the bigger picture, or you are young and just starting your life, this book can help free you of fears, limiting beliefs, emotional pain, and bring clarity and peace. Now, more than ever, we need to learn how to bring peace and joy into our lives while understanding who we are spiritually.

When you start to understand who you are beyond your body, 

And then your life begins to reshape into peace, balance, joy.

We all fall into those very low moments. Knowing how to find your way out and knowing how to create the life you want is what separates those who are joyful from those who live a life of mediocracy or misery. 


Through understanding your Soul and your Powerful Creative Energy, you are able to understand there is no end to a person. No finality to a dimension. We can expand our awareness and realize there is so much more than what initially meets the eye. It’s true that what can not be seen can sometimes seem scary because it’s unknown. But with knowledge, we can fill in the holes and be liberated from the fears that keep us from reaching our full potential. This book will help you replace fearful energy with love energy. It will teach you who you are beyond your physical body and how to activate your true power

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