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Spiritual Awareness Retreat

Rest, Renew, Remember

Spiritual Awareness Retreat. Rest Relax Reset and Remember

May 2, 2024 - May 5, 2024

Location: Casa Om Potomac, Martinsburg, WV

Rest, Renew, Remember!

Thank You For Your Interest. The next SPIRITUAL AWARENESS RETREAT

will be announced by 6/5/2024

Please email Jennifer to get on the sign up list.


Embrace Your Authentic Self.
Take the time you need to recharge and feel balanced again. Nourish your well being, body, and spirit. Are you ready to find your calm? Awaken within, explore your soul and the richness of vitality.

Spiritual Awareness Retreat

Our location will be at the inspiring and peaceful Casa Om Potomac in Martinsburg, WV (only 60 miles northwest of Dulles Airport and 90 miles from DC and Baltimore). Situated on a cliff directly above the Potomac, this retreat mansion sits on 63 acres of untouched nature and walking paths.

All meals are included and will be freshly prepared by the in-house chef, vegetarian style. Private bathrooms in every room. 

Throughout this retreat you will find clarity, enlightenment, and a centered calmness. This is a perfect opportunity for you to relax and reset while being supported through:​​

  • Gentle Candlelight Yoga

  • Walks in Nature

  • Raising your Vibrational Frequency

  • Drumming Circles 

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Baths 

  • Balancing Your Chakras

  • Guided Meditation

  • Private Sessions with Special Guest Speakers*

  • Relaxing in the Hot Tub (and Ice Tub*!)

  • Connecting with new friends

  • Delicious Food

  • Guided Breathing Exercises

  • Realigning yourself with Soul Energy

  • Re-connecting with your physical body

  • Deep and meaningful lectures

  • Releasing old, unwanted emotions

  • Journaling/Reading by the pool

  • Abdominal and MFR care

  • Time to Rest, Renew, and Remember

  • A swag bag with special gifts



jennifer merrits certified life coach Milton, DE
Jennifer Merritts

Retreat Leader, Jennifer Merritts is an Author, Intuitive Healer, Chakra Balancer, Spiritual Awareness Coach, Sound Bath Healer, and owner of Mindful Body With Soul. During your time at the Rest, Renew, Remember Retreat, Jennifer will be talking about deep spiritual concepts that bring you back to clarity. Let Jennifer help you to balance your chakras, and become reacquainted with the Spiritual part of yourself. Find your Soul, the true essence of who you are, as Jennifer guides you through meditations, leads you to higher awareness, opens you up to greater vibrational frequency, and clears your energy field with peaceful sound baths. Re-connect to your physical body with breathing exercises and simple yoga postures. Ground yourself with guided (or solo) walks in nature. Take the time you need to find balance and stillness.

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Special Guest Speaker Shelly Cubbage, Girl With The Water Moon will be joining us for an engaging discussion and experience on your astrological design and elemental balance. Shelly is a well known Astrological, Holistic, and Intuitive guide in the DC area. Her energy and passion are electrifying! 

The moment you arrived on Earthside your soul curriculum was embedded into your design. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are following the lesson plan you came to Earth school with. The question is, are you in alignment with your soul contract?

For a deeper, more personal dive into your own soul blueprint, you can also schedule a valuable, in-person, private reading with Shelly. Sessions are typically held over zoom so don't miss this rare opportunity to discover your soul's purpose while she is on location. In-person spots are limited and can be booked here however, if spots run out, you can also book a zoom session with her post retreat. Learn more about our Girl With The Water Moon here.

astrology signs sun
Shelly Cubbage
Shelly Cubbage
Tonia Bultrowicz
Tonia Bultrowicz
Jennifer experiencing the Tambour Unity Drum
Jennifer experiencing the Tambour Unity Drum

If being joyful, uplifted, and transcended is your goal, vibrational frequency is a way to get there! And one of the best ways to raise your vibration is through an authentic drumming circle. Tonia Bultrowicz, owner of Calming Winds with the assistance of Doris Poulin from Harmony to Your Energy will be providing us with drums, instruction, and a drumming experience that brings people together and helps everyone raise their vibration. This holistic Drumming Circle that brings peace and joy will surely be one of the many highlights of the retreat.
There will be time set aside during your stay to book a mini-therapeutic drum session with Tonia under the Tambour Unity Drum.  This is a handcrafted 6 ft long drum and is currently one of 15 in the USA. The unique drum mounts over a massage table, allowing you to lay comfortably during the drum session. From the first vibration, the drum transports you into a deep meditative state of consciousness and allows you to release blocked energy and ground.  It's a powerful ally that brings in serenity.  It is said that 10 minutes under the Tambour Unity Drum is similar to an hour of meditating. To book a 15 min Tambour Unity Drum Session at the retreat, contact Jennifer. Sessions can also be booked at the retreat if there is availability. 
If interested in owning your own unique hand drum, Harmony to Your Energy will be bringing extra hand and ocean drums that will be available for adoption/purchase.

spiritual retreat Loudoun county

The heart of Casa Om Potomac beats as yoga retreat center. Although our focus for Rest, Renew, Remember Retreat is Spiritual Awareness, our time would not be complete without  gentle yoga that invites the body into balance. Casa Om will be providing us with one of their best yoga instructors. If yoga is not your thing, no worries, you can sit this one out. If you're new to yoga please know that yoga is a beautiful experience where you will not find judgement from others. As yogis, we support each other through love and grace always. 

yoga teacher
Throughout this retreat, our hope for you is to restore yourself to peace. The activities listed are not mandatory. You may participate in as much or as little as you choose... whatever feels best to you. 🥰
White Branch


I was taken away on a safe and beautiful journey inward in the presence of Jen’s skill and love for sharing her healing art.  Her driving passion to teach guiding tools and help others reach their highest Self is nothing short of inspiring.  Thank you!  You are a blessing to (my) life.
A.C.~ Bodyworker, mother of two

The workshop Jennifer lead on chakras was so informative .  She explained the meaning and care of them; that they all have a particular frequency, and after the workshop I was able to work on them myself through meditation as she showed us how to do.  
D.M.~ Retired, mother of two, grandmother of seven

I attended a spiritual awareness workshop led by Jennifer and it was a truly transformative experience. The workshop provided a profound journey into self-discovery and spiritual growth. Jennifer is incredibly knowledgeable and created a warm, inclusive atmosphere where everyone felt safe to explore their spirituality.
M.B.~ Marketing/Comms Associate, D.C.

I left the workshop feeling more centered, aware, and spiritually connected than ever before. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity, and I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. Thank you for creating such a meaningful and impactful event.
S.R.~  Photographer

Jennifer Merritts workshops on Chakra Balancing and Sound Therapy were exceptional. I learned so much and now I  apply these practices in my daily life. My life is so much more enriched and calming. I wish everyone would be enlightened by Chakra Balancing and Sound Therapy. Thank you Jennifer.
K.A.~ Retired, mother of four

Jennifer has a kind and peaceful presence. She holds a safe and compassionate space for emotions to surface and offers solid support without judgement.

L.M.~ Computer Graphics/Artist

What impressed me the most was the genuine care and support from Jennifer and fellow participants. The sense of community that was fostered during the workshop was uplifting, and I felt inspired by the shared wisdom and experiences of everyone involved.

P.P.~ Business Owner, proud Grandma

Casa Om Picturs

Check out Where We Will Be Staying...
Beautiful Casa Om Potomac in Martinsburg, WV

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