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Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression Therapy is a very safe and gentle way for you to have access to useful information that can help you in your current life. 

The session lasts about three hours as you are led through four different parts of this therapy that bridges meditation with hypnosis. 

Upon arrival we will get to know each other in order to ease you into your comfort zone. If you're already feeling wonderful and relaxed we will move right into talking about your present life which will help your brain to start moving from Beta to Alpha.

Beta is the state we are in when we are task-oriented, problem solving, and very focused.
Alpha waves allow for deep relaxation. It is the state our brains are in when we are watching TV

From this point, you will quietly transition from your chair to a reclined position to begin your fascinating journey to a previous life event. Here, you will be using Theta brain waves which are the same waves used during meditation. So if you've ever been in a deep meditation, you know what Theta feels like. At no time will you be vulnerable or not in control of your body.

Theta activity has also been associated with lower anxiety, better sleep, and a feeling of communion.


The final part of the regression is connecting to your Higher Self to get clarity on the previous life scenes you viewed. In our current lives, we all have challenges that can be road blocks to reaching the peace we long for. For example, irrational fears or limiting beliefs can be worked out once you realize where those feeling originated from.
Another benefit to regression is being able to witness yourself in a way you wish you could show up in your current life. Here is the synopsis of just one of many sessions I had the privilege of leading:

She felt weak and empty of any inner strength. When she viewed a past life in which she was a man who's home had burned to the ground and loved ones died, she gained incredible inspiration from "him". Though he was left with nothing, she could feel his courage, strength and determination to go on and live in peace, light and love. She thought, "if I could do this before, I know I can do this again".

The experiences to view are endless and the reasons for them to come forward are quite specific for each person. 

After you are brought out of the regression, we can discuss how you are feeling and what you observed if this is something you want to do. You will have a recording of the time you were under hypnosis so nothing will be lost.

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