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Mayan Massage Gift Certificate

This $135 Gift Certificate entitles the user to 1 free 60 minute Arvigo® Techniques of Abdominal Therapy Session. Based on ancient Mayan techniques of Abdominal massage, this non-invasive manipulation helps restore body synergy by correcting the position of organs and releasing scar tissue that restrict lymph flow, digestion, and more. 


We look forward to serving you. Happiness and Health!

Mayan Massage Gift Certificate

SKU: 62926

Within 24 hours after purchase is made, an activation code will be sent to the email address used to purchase this Gift Certificate. Please write the code on the Gift Certificate in the box marked “Activation Code”. This code is required for recipient to receive services. Please print out Gift Certificate OR bring a screen shot of both Gift Certificate and Activation Code to be presented at time of appointment.

Gift Certificate is good for 6 months from purchase date. Thank you! 

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