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Ideas That Don't Exist...Until They Do

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I'm going to try to keep this short and to the point. Hard for me since I'm a writer! And what writer likes to use as few words as possible? But everyone is busy, busy, busy! Everyone wants the quick, yet informative short version. Ok, I'm going to give it a shot.

Universal Energy Field. What is it? It's the unseen space where everything that isn't, is. It's the space that holds the energy we need to create, to become aware of new ideas, and to connect to each other. That's it. Done. I'm finished writing.

Need a little more? Yes, I agree. You should have more because this concept is amazing. Once you grasp it, the possibilities are endless!

The Universal Energy Field (UEF) is like a bio-plasm that connects everything in our physical space as well as the unseen things within the Universe. One very interesting thing to understand is that in this space, new ideas and new ways of being are waiting for us to "unlock" them. It can be as cool as a new invention, but it can be as simple as a better way of living. The key to understanding and unlocking what's waiting for us in the UEF is...

a quiet mind that lives in the moment, and is willing and accepting.

Let's break that down before we get any deeper.

A QUIET MIND: That means you have to stop the monkey chatter in your head. The "to do list", yesterdays argument, tomorrows stressful meeting. You have to learn to control all that crazy stuff that's constantly playing in your head, and more importantly, learn to let it go. Also, get off social media. If you can do that, you are doing absolutely amazing! Let yourself get caught up in something simple like the complexity of a flower. Using a flower as a focus point will most definitely help stop that chatter.

THAT LIVES IN THE MOMENT: That means right here, right now. Literally! RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! Absorb your surroundings. Acknowledge that right here, right now you are okay! And when you get to the future, you're still going to be okay. If your mind starts to go wild and brings you down a rabbit hole of problems, go back to that pretty flower (or something else that works for you). Focus on it. If you're actually in real danger, make the necessary changes that will provide safety or, please seek out someone who can help you.

AND IS WILLING AND ACCEPTING: That means you have to be willing to drop your limiting beliefs. If a new concept comes your way, do you tend to say "that's ridiculous" "that's wrong" "that's not how I do it" "that doesn't make sense" "things are different these days and I don't like it"? Do you find yourself mumbling these type of statements to yourself often?

I agree things are different these days, and not all of them are the better kind of different. But let's not focus on what's wrong or what's bad. If you need help with that, refer back to my last blog There Are No Puppies In Hell

Let's focus on having a mind that is willing and accepting. Within the UEF there exists all the creative energy you need (and society needs) to move into a better direction. Or, if you choose, you can stay right where you are, doing business as usual. It's your free will and your decision to let in new concepts from the UEF.

As an example, let's take the easy yet very heavy idea of slavery. Slavery was an idea shared by, and accepted by societies as far back as 6000 BCE. It has affected many races, genders, religions, cultures, and age groups. It was a way of life for a very long time. Today, there are laws making slavery illegal. As a whole, society believes slavery is very wrong. So where did the idea that slavery is wrong come from? It had been in practice for millennia. It was so widely accepted that economies were built upon it. Fast forward thousands of years and now it is considered a very bad thing.

But it was always a very bad thing. The idea that slavery is wrong always existed. It was always available within the UEF. The energetic building blocks of human rights have always existed, but most of society did not bring those energetic building blocks into their conscious awareness. They were not willing to transcend their thoughts and open up to a higher awareness.

The energy to create, or believe, or change already exists within the UEF. It requires the desire to let it in to your awareness to make it a reality in physicality.

When slavery was finally abolished by law (something that only became globally outlawed since 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly) most of society had already begun to accept the energetic building blocks from the UEF that led to a change in the way slavery was considered by most. And now, in modern times we have a completely different opinion of slavery. (It should be noted that there are an estimated 40 million people still enslaved today world wide. Many of them women who are involved in sex trafficking.)

The spiritually higher awareness that slavery is wrong is not new (in the last 100 years). It always existed, but the greater population did not open themselves up to this concept. Today, there are still some individuals who retain very old limiting beliefs around slavery but the energetic awareness is there for them when they are ready to embrace it.

So what are some things that the UEF still has stored within it's vast bio-plasm that we are not aware of? Can we sit quietly and be willing and ready to let in new possibilities? They can be as simple as becoming aware of a new way to bake a cake. Our great grandparents were probably not aware that it's possible to bake a great tasting cake without using sugar (so many sugar substitutes today). Or a new way to grow vegetables in our soil that is quickly becoming depleted. Or a new way to let peace, love, and balance into our own individual lives.

Is there an alternative to the pollution created by humans?

Is money absolutely necessary? Can society figure out how to exist comfortably without putting value on currency, or gold, or bartering?

Will animals someday be treated with the same respect and rights as humans?

Before cars, trains, airplanes and boats existed, did humanity think the only way to travel was on foot? Of course they did! They had not yet tapped into what the UEF had to offer. But somewhere along the way someone decided to let in to their conscious awareness ideas about transportation. Those ideas always existed.

What else exists within the UEF that will help humanity?

What else exists within the UEF that will help you personally?


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