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Mirror Mirror On the Wall...

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Are you lying to us all?

When you pass by a mirror, do you steal a glance to see yourself? Do you notice how beautiful you are? How tired you look? How trendy you are? How old you're getting? How many pounds you've gained ? How many you've lost? How perfect you are? How perfect you aren't?

Well, what if I told you that no matter what you see in that mirror, or any mirror, it's lying to you?

What you see in the mirror is not who you are at all. You're not that body that you decorate so carefully. You're not the wrinkles, or the extra pounds. You're not even the sadness that can be seen deep inside those beautiful eyes. The true essence of who you are is your Soul. It's the part of you that knows what it wants to accomplish in this lifetime. The part of you that is pure Love Energy. Your Soul holds all your wisdom and memories gained from this and all your lifetimes, and your Soul looks forward to having many experiences on this earth.

Can you think of yourself as a Soul and not as a human being? From some, it's easy. For others, it can be very difficult after spending many years acting in and reacting to physicality. And, actually, in many instances it is better to go about our human existence from the perspective of a physical being. But there are many times when physical life becomes difficult to bare, and in these moments it's not only helpful but necessary to view ourselves as the powerful energy beings that we are. But how?

Let me explain it to you with this simple but oh so accurate analogy. You are not your body, just as you are not your car. When you get into your car, you have a destination in mind. You want to get somewhere or you have an experience you would like to have and the only way to make that happen is to get into your car. You know your car will safely get you to your destination, and you know without it you may not be as successful. You have already planned out what you want to accomplish and you know how to make that happen because you have a very trust worthy GPS.

Now as you get out onto the highway you are one of many other cars in pursuit of a journey. You may not notice every person inside all of the other cars, just as they are probably not noticing you, the person. Many of these other car drivers just look like Hondas or Fords to you. And you are just a Nissan to them. But as you sit in that car making decisions, experiencing your journey, and interacting with each and every other car you drive by, you know it is you (and not your car) that is interacting.

How many times have you gotten into your car and spent valuable moments trying to convince yourself that though you are sitting inside this car, you're not the car! You are still yourself - a beautiful human with talents that go far beyond what this car has to offer. Capabilities and goals that exceedingly outweigh what your car can ever accomplish. Do you give yourself a proactive pep talk to ensure you will not forget half way through the journey that you are not your car? No, you don’t.


And just as you are not your car, you are also not your physical body! The true essence of who you are is your Soul. So start to get in touch with that part of yourself. Start to identify with yourself as Soul, not as body. You (your Soul) are carefully, lovingly, perfectly placed inside this body to have as many experiences as you (your Soul) can have in this lifetime. And your Soul (you) is so powerful. This is the part of you that you need to tap into to ensure amazing things happen. It can be tough at first. After years of looking in the mirror and thinking, “There I am!”, it can take some time to fully identify with yourself as Soul. But in time you will understand the greater part of yourself, and with this clarity you will be able to make sense of moments that bring sadness, confusion, and despair.

To help you visualize this, remember you (Soul) are anchored into your body near your Heart Chakra, which is right next to your heart. You are beautiful, endless light energy that has the power to create anything you want, so don’t limit yourself. You are a part of Love Energy (Source Energy). You can amplify yourself, you can go beyond physical boundaries, you can heal and transform. There is so much more to it then this, but this is a great starting place. When you’re ready to understand yourself (Soul) with deeper awareness, more doors will open for you, books to read, like minded people to meet, and moments of clarity will unfold. Until then, just keep reminding yourself that you are a powerful being, you are Love, you are Soul!


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