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Your "Tells" Tell It All

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Sit with a professional poker player for a little while and they will eventually be able to tell you your tells. Those are the little idiosyncrasies you subconsciously do as a reaction to the cards you're holding. A change in your breathing, a certain shift in your seat, or even the pitch of your voice. These are the kind of things that can give you away in a card game, but what if you had tells that alerted you when you start to stray away from the path of happiness and peace?

You do! And in the game of life they are called emotions. Your emotions are like a built in GPS system you were born with that is constantly giving you feedback, letting you know you're on the path your Soul (you) intended for yourself before incarnating into this body. When we, as humans, are not headed in the right direction or not doing the things that are in our highest and best interest, these emotions can show up as frustration, confusion, regret, disappointment, doubt, mistrust, dubiety, worry, dread, and so many others that convey an overall feeling that just doesn't feel good.

Have you ever been confronted with a big decision or change in your life but while you contemplated it, something just didn't feel right? Something seemed off, or a nagging voice in your head kept saying "are you sure you want to do this?". Or maybe when you thought about doing it you felt a wave of anxiety go through your body. These are all signals that you as a Soul (remember you are not your body, you are Soul, for more clarity click here) do not see this venture or activity as something that will result in your highest and best interest. Though it may not mean you are heading towards gloom, doom, and failure, it may mean if you make a different decision, you will find a path that provides much more benefit, happiness, and peace in your life. Examples of these situations can be things like:

  • Taking a job or staying in a job

  • Keeping or ending a relationship

  • Eating a certain food or supplement

  • Buying/selling or staying in a house

  • Maintaining friendships or growing away from them

Remember there is a difference between listening to your guidance system to avoid misfortune, and having uncomfortable feelings for other reasons. For example, if you experience disappointment every time you prepare vegetables, is it because vegetables are not in your highest and best interest or is it because processed junk food is easier to prepare and tastes better to you? Or, if you feel very unhappy about going to work every morning when that alarm clock goes off is it because your job is no good for you or is it because you go to bed too late?

The more you start listening to your GPS system the better you will get at discerning the information. And, of course, understanding who you are beyond your physical body is just as important. Going through life thinking you are only that body that you continue to decorate and admire (or don't admire) will limit your amazing potential to experience and create!

So, what are your "tells"?

Do you have any uncomfortable emotions that don't seem to go away?

Can you connect them to a situation in your life?

Take some time to sit with these emotions. What can you do immediately to help quell these feelings?

What are some long term solutions?

Ask yourself if you're o.k. with these feelings going on indefinitely. The answer is probably no because not feeling good is not part of human nature and it is certainly not what your Soul (you) signed up for before you plopped into this body. Figure out where you are blocked or stuck. Sometimes, just a little bit of help from a Spiritual Awareness Coach or Life Coach can help you get back on track to the happiness and peace you did sign up for.

Now, be careful because there are certainly times when the GPS system is trying desperately to get your attention because imminent danger or pitfalls are in your proximity. These feelings will come to you very strongly and seem to have no explainable meaning. Listen to them! Examples of these situations can be things like:

  • Not going to that party

  • Turning left instead of right at a stop sign

  • Opting to take the train instead of driving

  • Breaking up with that brand new boyfriend or girlfriend

The more you start to understand who you are beyond your physical body, the more you will know how to use all of the extrasensory abilities you came in to this physical body with. We all have the capacity to know what is best for us. Our GPS systems are well equipped and are backed by our entourage of helpers also known as Spirit Guides, Angels, and of course Source Itself. We were never meant to navigate this life alone. So tap in and listen to those emotions you're feeling. They're important, they're free, and they're your tells!


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Gail Filicetti
Gail Filicetti
Feb 09, 2023

I think this is a beautifully written blog. The older I become in body the more in tune with soul I feel. Sometimes it's kicking and screaming to be heard and sometimes it's a gentle nudge...depends on my ability to listen at the time.

jennifer merritts
jennifer merritts
Feb 09, 2023
Replying to

Love this Gail! 💜💜💜 Thank you for your comment.

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