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Are you human, or just look like one?

Recently a reader wrote me and asked how to balance a negative mindset when things go astray. How do we bring ourselves back to feeling the peace and joy we once knew before that argument with our partner? How do we achieve happiness when each day is a different mundane, miserable version of the one before?




You are a Soul who incarnated on to this planet to have a human experience. The Soul is a perfect, pure, beautiful spark from Source Energy. An energy that is comprised of love, boundless and limitles.

YOU are that energy!

YOU are not that body you see in the mirror.

When you decided to have a physical experience, you decided on a body that would serve you well for the experience you where hoping to have and off you went into this exciting physical world to explore and create. But you must remember your body is just the vehicle that moves you around the physical realm. You are still the perfect light that is limitless.

Explore and Create!

Exploring and creating was your intention and joy is your goal.

You wanted to dance, sing, love, laugh, invent, learn, hear, see, taste, smell, feel, and create!

And of course you also have free will. Free to make choices that can sometimes set you off course from the amazing adventure you started on. Sometimes these choices can lead to varying degrees of a negative mindset. Exploring and creating can become compromised when negativity creeps deeper into your being.

So how do you get back to FEELING GOOD while you're inside your body?

Here's where you need to stop thinking like a human and start thinking like the true essence of who you are, the Soul. As a Soul, you're comprised of perfect Source energy, you have the ability to create ANYTHING you want. (Source is that which is greater than yourself. Also referred to as God, Great Spirit, Goddess, The Creator, Yahweh, Allah, The All and roughly 109 other names.)

You are a Powerful Creative Energy Being, and you are in charge of manifesting a reality that makes you happy. Your thoughts are POWERFUL! So be happy and get back on your journey to joy! Easier said than done.


you have to also do things that will bring about your perfect reality.

There will be times your powerful thoughts can't get you to happiness as fast as you want. In these moments you have to actually make physical changes in your life.

Everything in the Universe vibrates at specific frequencies and if you align yourself with or around things that vibrate low, you will certainly go down low with them. When you align yourself with a higher vibrating frequency, you will begin to take on that same pure, positive, joyful vibration, and there's really no work involved on your part except to let it in!

When your mind begins to wonder over to lower vibrating thoughts (and you'll know this is happening because you will feel like emotional crap!) focus on something better.


If the lower vibrating frequencies tend to control you quickly and you feel yourself going down a rabbit hole, have a cheat sheet ready to go.

  • Make a list of what makes you happy.

  • What makes you smile?

  • What makes you feel at ease?

  • What matters the most to you?

  • What aromas do you like?

  • What makes you laugh?

  • What activities do you love to do?

  • What makes your heart sing?

  • What makes you feel safe?

You get the picture. Write these down and when your feeling low, do something on the list! Or do all of them!


You may also want to make a list of the things surrounding you that tend to have low vibrating energy and eliminate them the best you can.

Examples of things that may lower your vibration: • Electronics • Crowded places • Loud irritating noises

• Angry people • Sad people • The news • Processed foods/Meat • Dehydration • Sugar • Drugs • Activities you dislike Lack of exercise • Arguing • Loneliness

These are examples, but you'll know what types of things lower your vibration when you become very unhappy. If it's not obvious to you, take a quiet moment to let the answers in. It won't take long, and then try to eliminate or change that from your life.

Remember, this life you chose was meant to be a joyful adventure. If you have found yourself in emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual discomfort you must make a change. You must get back on your path to a joyful journey. It's what you wanted to do with this body! If you need help, you can always make an appointment for Spiritual Coaching with Jennifer.

Try this meditation I put on YouTube to instantly raise your vibration and feel good again.

For more information on vibrational frequency, download these files from Mindful Body with Soul/Jennifer Merritts.

Vibrational Frequency Defined
Download PDF • 120KB

Easy Ways to Improve Chakras and Vibrational Frequency
Download PDF • 551KB

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