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I Enjoy Feeling Sick And Sad... Said No One Ever

Updated: Sep 7, 2023


Recently I had a reader write to me with a request for help. Here's what this person said:

I am a firm believer in the body's ability to heal itself and that raising your vibrational frequency can greatly assist with this, However, I have difficulty in putting this into practice. I have a bladder condition which makes my life quite difficult and when I took the (Chakra) quiz it made sense that my sacral Chakra is out of balance. I find it hard to raise my vibration as I am often tired and very unhappy about my situation which drags me down every day. I would be grateful (for) any advice. I feel that there is a solution out there but that it is just out of my reach.

The Solution

Can any of you relate to this? Feeling bad physically causes us to feel bad emotionally which then creates more physical imbalance and the cycle goes on and on.

There is so much for me to say on this subject but for the sake of a readable blog, I will have to be brief. If you want more information check out my book, You're Not Your Car to learn much more about this subject.

Yes! The body can heal itself, and you can heal the body. Remember the true essence of who you are is your Soul. You are a perfect entity of energy spawned from Source energy that has the ability to create because you are a Powerful Creative Energy Being.

But rarely do we think of ourselves in these terms so lets think from the perspective of a Human Being. As a Human Being we have a

  • physical body (your body that you see in the mirror)

  • emotional body (part of you that experiences your emotions)

  • other layers to the auric field (a blog for another day)

  • Chakra system

The chakra system is comprised of energy centers but another way to think of them is as bridges between the physical body and the emotional body. Each chakra governs specific body parts and sends energy into them. Emotional events directly affect our chakras and cause them to be balanced or imbalanced. If the chakras are imbalanced, the body parts will become imbalanced.

Emotional Event > Affects Chakra Balance > Determines Body Health

When we have a negative emotional response to an experience that we can not recover from, it will directly affect the chakra that resonates vibrationally with that emotion. In the case of someone suffering from bladder issues, it is the second chakra (Sacral Chakra) that is affected. But what was the emotional event(s)?

It can be things like but not limited to:

  • Blocked creativity

  • Sexual abuse

  • No balance between work and play

  • Uneasy feelings surrounding sexuality

The Easy Work

The Sacral Chakra's main focus is finding pleasure and overall enjoyment in life. It is also tied to sexuality and creativity. Exercising your creative nature, as well as your sexual nature is important to this chakras health. What do you enjoy doing that is creative?

  • painting

  • cooking

  • gardening

  • decorating

  • building

  • writing

  • knitting/sewing

  • photography

  • inventing

  • dreaming

What else can you think of?

And, are you balanced sexually?

  • Are you timid about sex?

  • Do sexual activities dominate your life?

  • Are you happy with your sexual identity?

  • Can you talk about sex without feeling awkward?

  • Do you feel comfortable looking at your naked body?

  • Were you taught sex is bad?

Remember! With all chakras it's about balance. Too much or too little can create an imbalance.

Doing creative things that you love is the first step to start healing your Sacral Chakra. If you get tired easily, or feel overwhelmed, it's ok. Start small. As you heal you will gain more energy and start to feel better. But don't give up!

You can also surround yourself with things that resonate with the same frequency as the Sacral Chakra.

  • Be in/near water

  • Drink A LOT of water

  • Wear crystals that resonate with this chakra (I like Tiger's Eye)

  • Eat orange foods

  • Find balance between work and play

  • Stop being hard on yourself and let go of guilt

  • Become comfortable with your body. You are a beautiful goddess! You are a champion warrior!

The Hard Work

While it is important to nurture your chakra and yourself, it is also important to find a way to let go of the emotion that created the imbalance in the first place. If you have a physical imbalance, then you definitely have a negative emotion that you carry within you.

For the second chakra it can be from blocking your creative energy flow.

More often it is centered around sexuality and is extremely common for both men and women but especially for women. The negative emotion can stem from being told as a child that your private parts are dirty and are not to be touched, or it can be from never having felt comfortable in your sexuality as a teenager, and of course it can also come from sexual abuse. It can be a challenge to let these emotions go but with work and guidance it can certainly be done. When you let go of the emotion and leave it in the past with the event it came from, you will begin to heal on all levels.

Letting go of fears

Everything in the Universe is comprised of one of two things. Either love or fear. Love Energy or Fear Energy. Nothing else. Even hate can be broken down further into fear because hate originates itself in a fear.

When doing the hard work of letting go of the emotion, you must also search deep within yourself for the fear you have surrounding the emotion. Ask yourself what are you afraid of? What is your biggest strife? Are those fears still valid? Have you graduated to a place in your life where those fears have lost their power over you?

Having a clear understanding of who you are not only as a human, but more importantly as a Powerful Creative Energy Being can very quickly transform your thoughts and bring clarity. You have the ability to create what you desire from life! Knowing this and acting on it is paramount to finding peace and then healing. When you begin to have a clear understanding of your Spiritual nature, the physical world begins to look different. It looks easier. You become empowered because life no longer seems like daunting experience that's out to get you. You regain the power to create what you want for your life on this planet. Happiness and peace dominate and health resumes.

To understand in more depth how to accomplish this read more about my online course. Spiritual Answers .



STARTS 11/21/2021 ENDS 12/31/2021


If you want more Spiritual awareness or looking for clarity in your life, please contact me for an appointment. I'd love to work with you in person or virtually.

Happiness and Health to all!



Laura Tietz
Laura Tietz

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