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I'll Guide You. Just Close Your Eyes.

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Here is a free guided meditation for you that can help build your meditation muscles, but first think about this:

Of all the blog post topic requests I get, the most popular is "I'd like to know more about meditating successfully." And, "How do I stay in the moment?" These two topics go hand in hand because if you can meditate successfully, you will be better at staying in the moment, and if you can stay in the moment, mediation will be easy.

Ok, so how do you do it? The answer is to just let it all go! Release yourself from mentally carrying every problem you own. Recently my son was having a very stressful situation that created this spiraling affect and he just couldn't figure out how to get out of that revolving door of PROBLEM > ANXIETY > SPIRAL > PROBLEM > MORE ANXIETY > DEEPER SPIRAL and it just kept growing like a snowball.

When we are stuck deep in our heads, it really becomes hard to see anything from a bigger picture so I tried to help him by giving him the following analogy. It's from a physical perspective, and since we are beings immersed in the physical, it's sometimes easier to redefine the situation to something more physical.

"Imagine your problem is actually an incredibly huge rock that you have managed to pick up. It's SO heavy! And you're trying to get from here to there. It hurts so bad. All your muscles, joints and bones are screaming at you. You walk to your family and friends carrying this enormous boulder and you cry to them, "This is so heavy! It hurts so bad! I'm in pain but I don't know what to do!" Your loved ones know that in this moment there is only one solution. Put the rock down! Give yourself a rest! If it's too difficult to carry, put it down! Once you have recovered, perhaps you can go back to it and give it another try, or maybe during your rest and time away from it, you have figured out a better way to move a boulder.

If you are carrying something that is so heavy and your mind is in agony and turmoil, you must put it down as well. You must give yourself permission to have a break from the mental anguish in your mind. Don't continuously carry something that is too much to bare.

One way to do this is through mediation but just because you meditate once, doesn't mean you have found yourself floating down the river of peace and tranquility. It is a an on-going practice. And the more you practice, the easier it gets, the more at peace you will find yourself, and soon all will find balance. But it takes you putting in the work, allowing yourself to release that which you carry, and refocusing on things that make you happy.

For more information about meditating successfully, check out the OMM Packet I put together. Open Minded Meditation, A Successful Way To Meditate.

Or join us at our new retreat happening on May 14, 2022 in Berryville VA.

Here is the link to your free Guided Meditation. And go ahead and put that rock down.

Chakra Locations Cheat Sheet

Happiness and Health,

Jennifer 💕


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